Flotrol Herbal Tablets Ingredients

Controlling your bladder is a breeze with the all natural Flotrol supplement. There's no questioning whether this will work for you or not. The main ingredients inside of this bladder control tablet have been proven effective at treating bladder-related problems for centuries.

flotrol herbal tablets ingredients

Soybean Germ Extract

One of the major ingredients inside of Flotrol is soybean germ extract. You may be familiar with soybeans, as they are a popular food. However, did you know this extract has been used for centuries to treat ailments of the bladder?

Soybean germ extract is included in this supplement because it's so effective at supplying the muscles with the estrogen they need. Yes, guys you need this hormone too. Estrogen is the hormone used to build and maintain muscles and strength within the human body.


When the bladder starts to leak involuntarily it's a sign that the sphincter muscles are weak. The sphincters  are the band-like muscles that control the release of urine through the urethra and out of the body. These muscles need estrogen from soybean germ extract in order to become strong and stay that way.

Pumpkin Seed Extract

The next main ingredient inside of the Flotrol bladder control supplement is pumpkin seed extract. This extract has been used since the Native Americans to help with bladder control issues. This is just a testament to the effectiveness of this extract.


Pumpkin seed extract is included in the Flotrol formula to combat the overactive bladder effects of the detrusor muscle. This muscle involuntarily contracts before the bladder is full in patients with OAB.

This extract reduces the number of involuntary contracts that the detrusor muscle has. This means less of an urge to go to the bathroom so often. Patients have noted significant decreases in the number of visit to the restroom daily after just the first week of using Flotrol tablets.