Flotrol Supplement Buy Price

The best all natural bladder control supplement that actually works to maintain and strengthen your bladder muscles is Flotrol. This is a safe and effective treatment for urinary leakage, incontinence, and overactive bladders. Let's take a look at how much this supplement will cost you.

flotrol supplement buy price

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What Is The Price Of Flotrol?

Flotrol is available for sale in three different size packages. The package sizes are broken down based on how many months you want to be supplied for. The available packages are one-month, three-month, and five-months. The amount you spend will depend on the size you opt to buy.


It's vital to realize that with any bladder control supplement, you will need to take Flotrol daily for it continue to maintain your newly found bladder health. This supplement has the necessary hormones your body needs to maintain the strength of your bladder muscles.